I am Oyinlola Bukky Akande.

I am passionate about growing women to achieve mutual success. I am here to help women grow to be, and achieve the very best they can.


“I hear people a lot saying it’s very lonely at the top, but I have come to realise, it can be only lonely at the top, if you are the only one there, but if you carry others, it cannot be lonely.”

Oyinlola Bukky Akande

What I Do

OBA Mentorship Program


This mentorship programme has been designed for women of all ages who want to learn and grow – and fulfil their life’s purpose.

Your unique gifts and talents have been given to you to be multiplied and to bless those around you. These are the principles I have designed this mentorship programme around.

It’s an extensive program where we dig deep into all things hidden to reveal the ‘You’ God created you to be.

Click on the link below to complete our registration form.

OBA Publishing


Do you have a book idea and need support to get it published?

I have successfully coached and worked with 7 authors from idea to publishing to get their books in the market.

If you want to know more about how I work with you, email hello@obaconnections.com




Working with OBA transformed my life! She dug deep into areas of concern and encouraged me while I waited for answers tp prayer. She taught me to be selfless in love and forgive others in advance. Thank you so much OBA for your mentorship program.


Your word of encouragement kept me focused on my goals. I learnt to believe that nothing was impossible with God. Thankful to God to have met you.


I learnt to focus on my calling and to see the bigger picture of what God does. She didn’t leave me on my own to figure out anything on my own, She was present, very understanding and she helped me to grow in my understanding of God.



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